Simulation of free surface wave pattern due to the moving bodies



Steady three-dimensional free surface waves generated by three dimensional moving bodies are presented. By applying Green’s theorem and the Green function method, an integral equation for the perturbation velocity potential is obtained based on the potential flow theory. The method uses constant-strength doublet and source density distribution over the foil body surface and Neumann-type condition. On the undisturbed free surface source density is applied to satisfy the free surface condition that is defined by the first and second order solutions. After solving the doublet on the body and source on the free surface, the computational results of pressure, lift, wave drag, wave pattern and wave elevation can be calculated at various Froude numbers. The results for the surface piercing (such as strut and Wigley hull) and submerged moving hydrofoils have been presented. The validity of the numerical results is examined by comparing it with the experimental results.