Numerical analysis of 2d high speed flow of real gases on an adaptive unstructured grid



The 2D hypersonic real gas flow has been analyzed on an adaptive unstructured grid using Roe's Flux Difference Splitting and AUSM schemes. In high temperature and hypersonic regime, the flow is extremely compressible and ideal gas assumption is not valid. In fact in these flows, due to changes in the flow properties, composition of fluid elements will also change.
To solve steady and unsteady 2D Euler equations for real gases, assumption of a general equation of state for real gases in equilibrium is considered. We use an unstructured Delaunay triangulation and adapt it in high gradient areas. Results are compared with known numerical and exact solutions. The scheme is convergent, and provides accurate results with fairly small number of cells due to adaptation and application of the algorithm to one dimensional shock tube and blunt body problem shows its quality and robustness.