Time optimal control of robotic manipulator with bounded control input and jerk constraint

Document Type : Research Paper



In this paper, the time-optimal control for point-to-point motion of robotic manipulators, with fixed initial and final states, bounded control inputs and jerk constraint for entire path is presented.
First, the jerk constraint with respect to state variables is derived. Afterwards the dynamic equations of robotic manipulator in state space form and jerk constraints discretized by forward difference technique. Thus the time-optimal control problem is formulated as a constrained parameter optimization problem. The MATLAB optimization toolbox is used to obtain the solution of the constrained parameter optimization problem. The proposed method can help us to implement the time-optimal control problem with bounded inputs and jerk constraint. Finally, the above-mentioned method is implemented for a 2R planar robotic manipulator. Simulation results show a smooth trajectory for robot motion when the jerk is limited, which can effectively reduce mechanical wear at joints