Analysis of multi-layered shallow panels under dynamic thermal load based on the theory of elasticity




Three-dimesional thermoelasticity solutions are presented for the dynamic analysis of an axisymmetric cross-ply laminated shallow panel subjected to thermal load. The panel is simply supported at four sides and has a finite length. Three-dimensional equations of motion, which are coupled partial differential equations, are reduced to system of differential equations with constant coefficients by means of the trigonometric function expansion in circumferential and axial directions. The resulting ordinary differential equations are then solved by the Galerkin finite element method. Numerical results show that fiber orientation strongly influences the stresses in a single layer panel. When the fibers are aligned circumferentially, the hoop stress becomes large. This is due to the large difference between the radial and circumferential coefficients of thermal expansion when the fibers are oriented circumferentially. Finally, numerical examples are presented for (0), (0/90) and (0/90/0) degrees of laminations stacking and those are compared with the results found in literature.